How to Exhibit

You must be a current
Connex Supplier Member.


Invitations have been sent to top tier Connex Supplier Members based on their accrued Connex priority points.

 ONLY EMERGE Exhibitors have access to attend the EMERGE Event & Exhibition in the SMARTNetworking Platform.


Connex Supplier Members started receiving invitations to exhibit starting Thursday, June 4 based on how many Connex Priority Points a company has accrued. 

If you are a Connex Supplier Member and would like additional information on how check your priority points, contact

June 11 - July 13

Virtual Exhibitors will be given access to their Connex SMARTNetworking dashboard (via email) to customize your virtual booth. 

July 13 - July 17 

Participate in EMERGE Event & Exhibition schedule.

July 17 - August 31 

Continue to network and engage other with Connex FM members and invited FM professionals in the SMARTNetworking Technology platform. 

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