Let's get virtual

Offering easy access to FM educational content and creating valuable conversations

Watch live sessions, join conversations and express your opinion via live polling and Q&A (when available in programming). 

You'll also have access to session recordings and all relevant documents on the SMARTNetworking platform.

Getting back that sense of togetherness

The SMARTNetworking platform allows FMs and Suppliers to network, receive exclusive content, engage in one-on-one messaging or video chat, small (up to 6 people) topic forums and get notifications about upcoming events creating opportunities for engagement around your brand and needs over a longer timespan.

July 13 - 17 Connex will launch the SMARTNetworking platform with our pilot launch event, EMERGE Event & Exhibition, that will kick off conversations, economic and motivational keynotes and give you a virtual experience that will continue on through August 31 through networking, and content sharing. 


Driving member engagement and networking

Because valuable content and commonality is a key to getting conversations started, Connex has tailored questions to create touchpoints between our SMARTNetworking users. 

Through EMERGE, you can find the right people to connect with based on common interests. You'll have access to a chat and can set 1-on-1 meetings with video conferencing during the EMERGE Event & Exhibition (without the need for Skype, Zoom, etc).

Finally, Connex will keep you on your toes with gamification to drive more engagement and incentivize specific actions. Can you say prizes?!? 


Bringing value to exhibitors & solutions to members

No exhibit floor? No problem! Our SMARTNetworking platform offers an Exhibit Marketplace through various events where all exhibitor information can be found.


Exhibitor Representatives can meet FMs through video calls, and, thanks to our lead retrieval system, capture their contact information, fill out a qualification form and score the lead.


All this information is then gathered on each exhibitor's unique portal. 

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