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A new world of opportunity and possibility is now available for Connex FM Members and invited exhibitors to engage and connect. Welcome to Connex SMARTNetworking. An exclusive new membership benefit for Connex Members. 


Up to 6 Connex Members 
(includes the host) 

Host your own 30-minute small group in SMARTNetworking on a topic of your choice. 

Connex Members can browse a series of subjects (topics) posted by other members in the schedule to connect for your own mini-session/meeting. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 4.40.03 PM.png


Safe, secure 1-on-1 messaging and video chat within the SMARTNetworking platform, without the need of other video conferencing technology. 



Networking with artificial intelligence matching based on common interests. This tool generates more meaningful connections between members.

  • Smart Match helps your connections find the right people to connect with, with recommendations based on interests and session commonalities.

  • Members can communicate via direct messaging to set a time and place to meet directly with the SMARTNetworking technology platform.



Connex Members strive to be the top FM industry professionals and having fun is part of our competitive spirits! 

The ENGAGE Leaderboard is available in SMARTNetworking and increases competition to encourage members to engage, connect and participate in the technology platform.

Get points for making connections, attending sessions, hosting your own group topic forum and more! 

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